Thursday, April 5, 2007


What is enlightenment exactly? I wondered myself after Self – Realization. The experience of Self – Realization didn’t seem enough to me; it didn’t feel like enough of en experience to be calling it enlightenment. A series of unusual experiences made me take notes and write everything down for contemplation. Those experiences have led to becoming energetically lit up by the ethereal divine light and by the kundalini shakti; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The word itself, enlightenment, suggests becoming lit up, en - light - ened, being filled with light. But what does it mean for someone to become enlightened and to be enlightened? Some say Realization, a mental understanding of what is what, truth, the very being of nature and the very nature of being, is enough to say "I am enlightened". But that is only the beginning of knowledge. Others have said that one is Realized when one has certain spiritual insight, have had some transformational experiences and is pouring out powerful transformative energy that touches others and moves them forward in their growing understanding of things. But that is only certain experience.

Enlightenment is neither one nor the other alone, but lies beyond both understanding of Self and the resulting experience of the complete transformation of mind, body and emotions. Self - Realization, the complete understanding of the truth and nature of ones being, the truth and reality behind all of creation, frees the mind over time from false concepts of all the things believed and brings about an entirely new perspective. Liberation is the process of transformation that happens where thoughts, beliefs, emotions and life style patterns dissolve and one becomes able to see and experience clearly all things as they truly are. The liberating process brings freedom from suffering; desire, attachment and resistance, that comes from the total transformation of mind and emotions, ones attitude and ones feeling towards all of life. The journey through the transformational process is brought about from the vibration through creation of awakened awareness and the descension of light from the One Mind through all levels of ones whole being and leads to this purification on all levels; emptying stored thoughts and emotions from ones field and one is filled mentally, emotionally and physically with light. Illumination is when light is moving freely through all systems and is revealing mental clarity of the truth of all things. A type of culmination comes when the kundaini shakti has risen up through all the chakras and arrives at the crown chakra and activates there the dormant divine Light that is stored in the crown chakra and this Light begins to spread and shine explosively in every direction. With this comes something entirely new, that can only be experienced.

Finished Realization is the permanent and continuous awareness of and experience of the Absolute permeating and being one with creation and experiencing One at all times, making that Realization tangible and real in the story of ones life. Never forgetting and never experiencing anything other than That. Seeing the consciousness of Light in all things and that all things are in essence one and the same thing; One.

Full enlightenment comes when the kundalini shakti has moved up through all the chakras and enters the crown chakra and activates the inherent divine Light that lies dormant there. The kundalini shakti awakens this powerful Light and it begins to radiate intensely in every direction and it doesn't go by unnoticed. It is very intense, fantastic and incredible. This divine Light descends down through the chakra system and finishes what ever residue might still be present anywhere in ones being. It is easy and quick and one can feel the Light move into and though one chakra after the next and light up ones being in such a maner that it becomes absolutely impossible to ignore. It is a fantastic and completing experience that finishes the journey of transformation and purification. Yet ego death may still continue its process.

Enlightenment is the resulting opened and effortless awareness of and full energetic abidance in and as Reality, living in and as Truth entirely beyond knowledge or experience. Physical, functional and literal enlightenment, I suppose, would be when the divine Light in the crown chakra has been set free and is radiating and touching upon all of creation. Pure enlightenment doesn't feel anything, doesn't differentiate between experiences. There's no longer perception through the senses, not peace, not joy, not bliss, not ecstasy. Those are waves of the transformation and purification journey. Just a simple beingness, a void or emptiness. It is still and deep and wide and broad. Others may see or feel intense light, love or power coming through ones body and consciousness or one will not be seen at all, not be noticed, invisible, as little self is totally melted into the Whole. Free of everything, of all things absolutely. The mind is empty, the heart is on fire, the body relaxed, orientation in life is completely surrendered and one doesn’t identify any longer with anything happening in the dream, the story of life.

When perfectly empty there is a song that sings through the person on the highest note possible, like a fire forever burning turning into a very high pitch sound. Then an ocean of love spreads, as one quietly and simply just observes life. All experiences flow effortlessly through ones being and life through a deep sense of peace, enjoyment or nothingness behind them.