Thursday, April 5, 2007


Shakti is the name of the divine consort of Shiva. Shiva and Shakti in the Hindu religion represent the Absolute Reality and the Creation. Shakti is a word that means energy. It is the primordial power or essence of creation. Shakti can be described as divinity, or awakened awareness, making itself known through manifest reality as subtle vibration and can be sensed through our nervous system.

This vibration can be felt stronger in some places than in others and stronger in some people than in others. Normally someone who is conscious of the Truth of Reality emanate a strong force of shakti, but it isn't necessarily so and I have felt powerful shakti emanate from people who had not yet attained Self - Realization. My experience has been that different spiritual teachers radiate a different feeling of shakti on different volume levels and at different times.

At the moment of Self - Realization, when the mind recognizes Truth, there is an opening through the mind between the world of matter and divinity through which light, the absolutely purest light, begins to flow. It flows into creation and into ones life in the most sublime way and can be felt all around. This light flows from the well of innermost naked Reality and into life and physical reality. A connection has been made between ultimate Reality and Truth and the dream, the story that one is living in the world of matter. Light, being the very first level of manifestation of the Absolute in the world of matter, has become present as a permanent glow and experience in ones life and physical reality. The divine makes itself known in the world as light and felt as shakti and slowly it begins to change everything.

Shakti purifies completely, is a healing power, clears the mind and awakens awareness of higher spiritual truths without any verbal guidance or teachings being necessary. The intensity of shakti comes from the friction between light / nothing and matter, all matter, including the subtlest energetic forms of emotions, concepts, dreams, etc. It is a transformative power that over time dissolves illusory perceptions both mental and emotional, held stuck energy, even physical cell - memory, disease and life style challenges. This transformation is entirely energetic with results in the material realm.

I came in contact with a person, a spiritual teacher, who transmitted shakti into my life so strongly that I began to have very powerful changes happen to me on every level of my being and of my life each and every day. Soon I had spontaneously opened myself and shakti had activated itself within me and was flowing from within and through my being, through all of my systems at any time of the day and more and more often until it became a permanent and effortless flow.

The way it works that shakti dissolves and removes stuck energy or illusory complications is that the radiance frequency of shakti is of a higher vibrational speed and by resonance dissolves the patterns of illusion and attachment, removing the experiences of what is untrue and unreal from ones life, dissolving attachment to the dream to eventually leave only pure consciousness.

At the point in ones journey when the transformational process has completed itself, shakti changes its frequency to a gentler vibration that can be recognized as the pure energy of grace; a softer energy that continues to put our world in order, one piece at a time, one day at a time. In this way, awakened awareness, enlightenment, restores the world from chaos to balanced harmony.