Tuesday, April 3, 2007


It seems that when all this is done and freedom and peace is attained perfectly and love and manifesting power flows through and through, in the end what one desires, what one focuses on is only to love in loving harmony with all people. There will be a need for love, a desire for love, to experience love in the manifest, to see all the expressions of love, to be loved and to share love with a loving community.

This need grows and becomes the only imaginable way to be, the only interest and the only tolerable experience of life. There is a desire to share, a desire to give love, this One love overflowing with bliss and grace, needing to see it expand outward into the world like rings on water.

There will be a forceful need to pay it all forward. This need is so total and so all consuming that mind, heart, body and attention lives only this One love and it desires to find expression, wants to express itself freely in all ways in all directions. The art of living becomes love and finding ways in which to share it. This happens for all and touches upon all and benefit all and all things.