Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The most curious thing for people, it seems, is how to live the life they want. Questions about destiny versus personal will haunted me as well for many years. I have now come to see where it all lies within the being.

We have whims, wishes, wants, will and desire. Whims are fleeting wants of the mind. Wishes are wants of the heart. Wants are stronger and live in the gut. The will (or focus) is what we are supposed to use to connect our awareness with our desires. Our desires live in the deepest part of our beings. True desire is deeper and more empowered than wants, wishes and whims. Desires may travel up through wants, wishes and whims to make themselves known to everyday awareness.

God's will for ones life is registered within ones being as desire. Following ones desire takes one through life and to and through all the experiences that belong to each person. Desires are connected to and registered in ones soul blue - print, the encoded programs that lead one through life, lead down the path to and through ones destiny. When one allows the desires ones purpose unfolds and lead to ones true life. So, desire, destiny and God's will are all one and the same thing. The will, which is mental force, is there to connect awareness to ones deeper desires but one does not need to focus on desire but can readily and easily let go completely and ones true life unfolds anyway. It is sometimes hard for people to believe that their deepest desires are what are meant to happen for them, that their desires are the path and road map to their true lives. So one can move through all the resistance and doubt and simply allow the flow of life.

As one focuses upon that which isn't ones desire, it is not likely to come to pass, or it will materialize and soon dissipate again. It holds no power. Typical whims and wishes limit ones life and put a block into the flow of things as they are fragments, come from separation - consciousness and don't work. Musts, "ought to" and wants keep one looking at life throuh fragmented state of mind. Effort and force do not move creation. Visualization, witch craft, energizing mental images and so on, do not either create permanent results.

Becoming aware of ones deepest desires and simply allowing the desires is what will manifest all the experiences that one is supposed to have. Acceptance of ones desires will set in motion the realization of the desires in the world, it all rolls in gracefully with time. These experiences bring personal fulfillment as well as the fulfillment of ones purpose, the plan for ones life. True desires manifest as one relaxes, lets go and surrenders effort and force. When one relaxes into oneself one connects with ones inner core and ones desires begin to manifest as one shines the light of awareness upon them. The point is to allow ones focus to be on the true desire and not on the more fleeting and superficial wish, want or whim. This brings the full realization of ones life. It is the natural expression of who one is and who one is in the world. This is why letting go will bring about all that which is right and full for each individual.

Ones true abundance is connected to the Greater Whole. It is the allowing that permits life force to pour through ones being and ones life and bring about the experiences that belong to one. It is good to fully release all control, to let go, to open up, to let the heart be open and fully flowing, then ones abundance will begin to manifest and fill up ones life. Things and experiences that belong to any one person vibrate in oneness with that person.

The flow of life force through all areas of ones life happens beautifully and easily through meditation. Meditation puts one in touch with the Greater Whole and thinking and figuring it out keeps one in fragments. Through meditation the whole picture of creation around ones person changes into that which one desires (ones core program). When the energy of the Greater Whole flows freely through oneself and ones life it creates in the world of matter that which is in perfect alignment with oneself. These things connect to happiness, ease, purpose, creativity, self - expression, fulfillment and so on. One is not to put ones wishes into ones meditation. One cannot control that way. One is to let ones meditation take ones awareness into Oneness and from there allow clarity to arise of that which is right for oneself, to know ones desires and then to allow for it all to flow into ones life.

Before Realization and after Realization life takes place just the same. Hopefully a person can connect with their desires to find direction and fulfillment in life. Spiritual Realization is obviously not required for ones life to unfold the way it is supposed to.