Tuesday, April 3, 2007


When someone has gone through all the experiences of Samadhi, merger and union, all the purification and transformation on all levels that come from the decent of light as mind is opened to the Real, the awesome life changes that occur as the primal life force of the kundalini shakti rises up through the chakras and fully blossoms in the crown chakra and activates there the inherent previously dormant divine Light which then begins to radiate and bring to a fulfillment all previous experiences into a perfect One; there is a complete fundamental energetic rewiring that has taken place. There is now an entirely new energetic make - up of the whole being and all its functions, in fact an entirely new kind of being. Everything that one once was is no longer and one is perfectly and permanently physically embodying divine Light and perfect Oneness consciousness. Ones energy field has merged and become one perfect flow with the whole Universal grid. Ones physical structure radiates tremendous energy; love, light, bliss and grace energies. The expression of ones external life has changed completely. The grace that comes from the enlightened one is huge. This to me is full enlightenment and goes way beyond the knowledge of Advaita. The grace continues to grow endlessly and one is always in the p
rocess of continuing to embody more and more light which continues to dissolve remaining traces of personality, reactions and ego manifestations.

There is a complete difference energetically between someone fully enlightened and someone anywhere on the journey towards. There is no difference between before and after Self - Realization, the only difference is one deep insight, but at that moment something begins. There is a total and vastly radical difference between before and after full kundalini rising, samadhi, emptiness, full merger and Oneness. Ones energetic wiring is entirely transformed from being an individualized unit of consciousness, a gathering of grid patterns held in place as a unit and moving along the grid. After the change ones unit of grid patterns has completely melted and one has become literally the whole grid awareness moving through the entire grid that makes up the whole of creation and the void and that which lies beyond. Ones electromagnetic wiring is no longer a unit but the All and All in its vastness. Once established on the other side of this tremendous transformation, light has taken over the human story, the whole human life and the human is now a Light, a light bringer of indescribable measure. The power and the presence that comes through such a person are tremendous and are always shared, radiating out from such a person’s human form. The outpouring of light is tremendous; the outpouring of love is tremendous. It is full God - Realization, if you will. What someone like this then can give to others, what that someone is always giving is tremendous; eventual freedom from suffering through the power of grace and insight and feedback through all ones experiences, guidance towards full enlightenment.

A relationship develops from this point on with all others into a giving, always giving of the light. One is not a guru at work and a friend and lover at home. One is always a guru. It never shuts off and others will, at all times of the day, respond to ones light and react to it. Any type of normality in relationships seems to cease or fall away. All people are affected by this tremendous light and all react to it. No one will consciously or sub - consciously react towards this person in a normal relationship way again. From this place the enlightened one finds herself / himself more or less forced to understand that there is an unusual responsibility now forming towards the relationship with others that deals with the understanding, patience and compassion of other people’s process. So, personal relationships as all relationships, meetings and contacts; become giver / receiver, guide / seeker relationships and in some cases teacher / student relationships. One person reacting, rebelling and evolving and the other calmly observing, witnessing and quietly, massively and spontaneously generating grace and light. All becomes about this sharing, impersonal and detached in the accuracy and preciseness in the sharing process. The responsibility to it is complete. One extraordinary journey that simply continues to be extraordinary.

Being in the mere presence of someone who has become pure through this process of transformation is enough for a life transforming energetic resonance to begin. Like two crystal glasses that stand close together and one glass is made to clang a tone, the other untouched glass standing next to it will by resonance sound the same tone, make the same vibration. With this resonance there is a new vibration entering ones energy field which begins to create massive life changes. A resonance with an enlightened spiritual teacher will put into motion all that which needs to move in ones life; awareness, consciousness, patterns, circumstances, health, stuck relationships, etc.; beginning a removing of all obstacles, a melting away of all hindrances to a perfect and graceful life and will bring about rightness of life style and higher purity within. We receive this by living in the grace of the guru. This energetic resonance works even long distance, permanently, through the ethereal fields, whether one is near or far, know of it or not.

Something lies beyond both the world of matter and the void (Supreme Light, Christ Consciousness, which is held by God, which was birthed by the Mother… One day we’ll all be capable of perceiving all of it perfectly) and then something lies beyond that and then also beyond that… The transformation in consciousness towards awakened awareness is assisted by the grace of the guru, not by knowledge, knowing, understanding or “getting it” or by a thunder bolt lightning or by any type of surprise or gift or word; awareness of all things changes with the power of grace and understanding of all things grows along the way. The task of the guru is to direct attention towards what is real. The dreamer pays attention to the dream but all hold awakened awareness within them. The guru will direct the dreamer’s attention to the inherent awakened awareness and as she / he finds it dreaming dissolves and eventually also the dreamer dissolves and only awakened awareness remains and grows and expands its presence in that form as the story continues.

In the external experience it is tremendously helpful in ones development to live in the grace of a guru. When living in a guru’s grace one needn’t even see her or him ever. Grace is everywhere and reaches everywhere through the ethereal fields and once connected it is always there. Grace can come directly from source, the Universe or from ones own inner, yet when in the physical presence of a guru the energy transmission is very intense and this speeds up ones journey with catapulting force. A spiritual master who comes out as a teacher will act as a witness to this fulfilling becoming, nothing more really, and hopefully and humanly offer encouragement, possible guidance and sharing of insight from personal experience. The task of the guru is not to carry someone’s burdens but to dissolve them through grace. You allow it to happen and the teachers give you light so that you can move forward in great strides. But also important are stillness, silence, solitude, simplicity, yoga, meditation and lots of time spent in nature for balance.


In these times I see these light bringers assisting us all in going towards extreme changes in consciousness, awareness and social and emotional changes. We’re all now going through this process of enlightening, have spontaneous kundalini activations and Self - Realizations. There is so much light that is now pouring in on the planet, into our dimension, that we are all affected in this way. We’re all on this journey of reacting to and evolving in light. Many, many, if not all people on this planet today are absorbing more and more and higher and higher light into their bodies and beings all the time. This sets underway a journey of change where emotions, mind and awareness transform consciousness and a new human is being born. We are becoming a new race, a new breed, entirely new beings. We’re evolving into a different kind of human race, one full of light and love. Teachers are here to share, to assist by offering insight, clarity and guidance. The sharing is tremendous and overwhelming; the presence, the grace, removes all obstacles, gradually, bring clarity, freedom and consciousness awareness. The sharing is ongoing.

I see many times a strange imbalance between a Realized person and someone aiming to find this clarity, that there tends to be a glorification of the spiritual teacher or guru. This is not necessary or correct in my opinion. A Realized person is still just a person, just with some unusual experience, a person that we all soon will become. A guru is just a person but with an entirely different wiring. It’s this difference in energetic wiring that makes for quite an unusual human being. There is no need to worship this person because they are us, a perfect reflection of our own true selves. They are not more God than anyone or anything else, just awake and transformed. There is no difference between person and person, apart from this extraordinary experience of change that have transformed them into a vessel of the All and All, grace and light. We all will have this experience soon enough. It is being brought on by everything that we are experiencing, everything in our lives, by the times we live in. Someone who has gone before us may be of tremendous assistance and bring us forward on this journey. That is what they are here for, evolution.

It is important not to glorify the teacher or give ones decision making, life style choices or personal power over to her / him. A true spiritual master will not even accept praise from an aspirant. Perfect independence from any teacher / student dynamic is necessary for spiritual maturing. There should be a perfectly impersonal relationship between guide and aspirant where the teacher is allowed to share but the responsibility is ones own in how one moves through the transformation and awareness and through ones life. The relationship and dynamic between aspirant and spiritual master ought to always remain detached and human. One is not to attach to a guru, for one is then holding on to the story, another external experience. The guru is a part of the dream yet in the dream one uses the grace of the guru to wake up to full awakened awareness. And we dream the dream to wake up. We wake up by listening within. Truth lies within. And a real teacher will always promote this non - attachment and avoid a student depending on the teacher for anything. The journey is within.

No true teacher will express emotionality or try to develop emotional bonds with aspirants and seekers but rather express very clear acceptance and detachment. If a teacher likes you to depend on them for anything, it is their ego and not their Realization that is acting. Most teachers will have some form of ego left, traces of thought, opinion, etc. and it is our own responsibility to watch for what is right for ourselves, our right path. Another person couldn't possibly know and shouldn't attempt to advice someone on what to do. They are only there to offer support, offer suggestions and possible insight from their own journey, but we make your own journey ourselves. Everyones journey towards full enlightenment takes its own unique path. One is not in fact dependent on a teacher, a guide or any one circumstance. All glorification or praise directed at the teacher must be discouraged completely. Worship of guru is not the key.

So, one must always direct ones attention to ones own inner and observe what goes on there, direct ones attention onto ones own journey and life’s unfolding and not so much on a teacher. The journey is always within and must be sought within and the external experiences are only guides, way - showers for the mind’s transformation. All answers come from within and one is not to rely on an external source or event for ones spiritual becoming. Spiritual becoming is not dependent on anything external. Realization will take place, purification and enlightenment will take place in its own time, all in their own ways and what needs to happen to assist in its fulfillment will happen.

On this journey towards deepening consciousness and eventually complete transformation a guru is only a part of assisting alongside many others. As guru, one ought not to play the role, even though it is ones role to play, one doesn’t have to play the role of teacher. One is regular and ordinary, one is to be as one is and be detached from the guru role and simply relate normally, just like anyone else, sharing in the community of evolving souls, and maintain the rapport with everyone else natural, relaxed, humorous, friendly and inter - dependent with non - glorifying equal status. There is no need to be spectacular. We are all the same One and all made of the same stuff.

As more and more people today reach full kundalini awakening and divine light activation and begin to radiate light into the world, the more other people are helped forward on this path towards their own enlightenment and as they begin to radiate light into the world . . . and so on . . . like rings on water. Together we transform the world we are living in, energetically, fundamentally, into light and love. Everyone is a part of it. It is a natural part of our evolution now.