Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The ability to sense energy and especially the force fields around and in another person is called empathy. Most often it is the mental and emotional energy imprints that are registered by this awareness.

The Divine Mother consciousness often registers what is going on deep inside another person's energy systems, even their unconscious things, movements in the subconscious.

In the space around the Mother is a force or vibration that collapses all energy structures of all fabricated illusory realities and patterns. The Mother field, this high vibration or emptiness, decomposes illusory patterns, breaks down with its fire, systems that aren't free - flowing and do not create abundance and well - being. The imprints of that which collapse and die away move through the awareness of the Mother and are often registered through this awareness.

As these patterns are lifted up to the surface and begin to dissolve in the Light, the Mother awareness observes the process of transmutation that follow. All fabricated energy patterns are as they dissolve transmuted back into nothingness. Transmutation means complete dissolution into complete nothingness of all these patterns that have lingered in mind and emotions and caused the veils between Truth and ones previously clouded awareness.

Mother consciousness absorbs both the patterns of illusion and the awareness of them as they move through Her field. This is the way she can be aware of what is moving on a deep level in another. Of course, also the love, grace and well - being of another are registered in the awareness of the Mother consciousness. So, awareness is able to gently observe the process of personal growth, shining light and grace upon the dying off of old patterns and ego tendencies and so assist in the revealing of Pure Mind and Pure Heart.

As the Mother field absorbs into itself all that which is released, all that which is releasing, all patterns are consumed by Absolute consciousness and Mother can feel a lot of sadness, be saturated with depression or confusion and so on until it all has moved through her field and awareness and then she is again back in Perfect Peace.

Pure awareness acts always as a cleaner of mind, emotions, ego, negative structures, held patterns, low level vibration and density. Whether she tries to or not, Mother's Open Mind and Radiant Heart, the presence of Absolute Consciousness, always and at all times affect the surroundings in this way, absorb heaviness and transmute it. This function cannot be turned off, minimized or controlled. The Light of the Mother is absolute. When Mother consciousness is done awakening in all minds, this planet will live in love only, flowing in its rightness and abundance.