Thursday, April 5, 2007


Ego is the little self, the individualized unit of consciousness, the drop before it hits the ocean . . . before it merges with the Whole, the Great One . . . that eventually dissolves in God - Union, which is the depth and totality of ego death.

The ego is often full of thoughts, emotions, will, desire and such that over time dissolve by raising ones vibration by absorbing light, shakti or energy through energy work.

Ego creates distractions for the awareness from what is real. When the distractions are removed, naked awareness of Ultimate Reality remains.

Ego is the perception and experience that one is separate from the Greater Whole and reacts from division and usually fear which leads to fighting and trying. Ego as the little self, is all that we believe is us. It is saturated with thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, concepts, stagnant memories, behaviour, reactions, habits, fear, will, desire, false impressions, hope, holding on to possessions, controlling people and life, resistance and so on. Freedom from ego and ego tendencies is a gradual process, liberation comes when all these concepts have been dissolved into the light and light and truth is revealed to both the mind and the feeling senses.

As one is going through the transformational journey all reactions, current ones and the ones still lingering inside suppressed from the past, are brought to the surface to be released and are then experienced strongly and quite overwhelmingly. This is happening to all people whether they are aware of it or not. Some people choose to pay attention to this overwhelming process and take care of it to the best of their ability. To feel ones feelings, to try to be still and quiet, eating well, having a balanced diet, living stress free and many other things are extremely helpful in order to allow these reactionary waves to pass through; spending time in nature, quiet time reflecting, contemplating and meditating and so on. As we allow the movement of these uncomfortable feelings and thoughts to move through our system they are in fact lifting off of us and leaving us for good. What then remains in their place is light and love, our one true nature.

When one is in the presence of strong light or a higher vibration the surfacing of old patterns accelerate and are felt more strongly. There is often then a strong reaction to the circumstances or persons around. People’s reactions to light and grace can be either positive; grateful, appreciative, loving and adoring, or negative. When old beliefs are challenged and broken down a current of "war" is often expressed as rebellion, defensiveness, hostility, hatred, anger, emotional violence, dislike of people and the world, aggressiveness, confrontation, desperation, pain, sadness and grief. It rises up as a smoking volcano and spills over little by little as personality dies. This is a part of ego death, ego dying.

The dissolution into the One and the cleansing of concepts results in this process that is called divinization, as all is removed until there is nothing left but light. All false impressions are dissolved in and by this light until only naked reality remains as love and as light in the mental and emotional bodies. It, of course, brings a total transformation of attitude. The transformation of mental ego into pure heart space is gradual, happens in waves and is very frustrating and confusing. One may know better but still cannot help reacting to situations. When it happens one just needs to be still and let it pass, let the upheaval and disturbance of it just pass as it is dying away. One then needs to take care of oneself by being still and resting. One can speed up this process by intentionally add more light to ones being and systems through meditation, satsang, contemplation, pure diet and so on.

We all go through this now in these our times and no one should take the reactions personally. Especially people who carry a lot of light must know that there will be unprovoked adverse reactions to their mere presence and existence. This rebellion often takes place in audiences with a Satguru, in satsang. I have seen quite violent reactions to my guru's truth. If a person with an active light - body insists and pushes on a person who is in the process of a dying ego, the reactions will only escalate and real conflict or violence will ensue. The best way to be, for someone who carries a lot of light, is to be calm, tranquil, silent and passive until there is an invitation to speak and to be gentle in all ways.

Egolesness is a result of God - Union and gradual purification of tendencies, which brings the knowing, perception and experience that All is One, everything is connected to everything, everything belongs to everything, everything fits and all things have totally equal value in the Oneness. With this comes not only understanding but peace, deep and perfect, which leads to an easy surrender and going with the flow.