Thursday, April 5, 2007


Imagine freedom from all suffering. Imagine always being emotionally content, happy, and ecstatic, in bliss and euphoric love all the time. Imagine things working out in a graceful flow as prosperity always. Well, it is possible and it remains ones experience permanently ever after.

Freedom from suffering happens when all feelings and thoughts are dissolved into light and ones life is flowing perfectly and one is able to recognize the perfect flow of all things.

Freedom becomes permanent after the process of going through the waves of experiencing the freedom and rolling back into experiencing old feelings and then the freedom again and then the old feelings and so on for quite some time. Each time that one feels the agony and contraction and allows the light to flow into those feelings they dissolve and are gone forever. This takes place in waves so as not to overwhelm the physiological systems. It's a gradual evolving into more light that frees one from the old experiences.

Suffering is in its foundation caused simply by the lack of acceptance of what is. It is the lack of acceptance of what is that ends up causing blocked energy flows, negative thinking, emotional disturbance and pain, relationship problems, physical pain, material lack, ill health and eventually rapid decline and death. To not be irritated at creation takes a lot of change of mind. When mind is empty and truth reveals itself perfectly and how things really are is revealed, then anger cannot be produced, only love and acceptance remains.

As reactionary feelings arise throughout the journey from stored past, the subconscious, or non - accepting reactions to the moment, it is helpful to not judge the experience of it. Each time it is just light moving into this shadowed area and lighting it up and setting it all free. On the days one doesn't feel good is when light is moving into the shadow and is moving in the unreleased, held or stuck patterns and is dissolving them. One is not to hold on to anything and not to force anything, just simply be in perfect acceptance of all things as they are even as one is placing effort on changing them. Discomfort soon dissipates and the reality of blissful truth, light and love is felt again. This all becomes easy when one sees the world as it is, as a perfect manifestation of the Divine. This is a lengthy process that takes many years and one may observe the gain of more and more freedom from previous suffering as time goes by and one becomes used to the ebb and flow of the experiences and may observe the changes of ones life.

Growing acceptance of what is offers deep freedom from holding on, from desire, will, thought, attachment and resistance, all which usually cause such agony for so many people. Acceptance means total letting go of trying to control the flow of things. One may hold an image of what one wants an outcome to be, a goal for example, and one may reach or achieve it or one may not. The letting go is what one ought to practice along the way while moving towards that goal. Acceptance leads one to be in the moment and to surrender all emotional reactions to what is.

From this and through this process one begins to automatically develop the experience of compassion, patience, love, forgiveness, internal and external harmony, inner peace, easy acceptance and happiness. Happiness comes from freedom from emotional impulses and emotional baggage and the acceptance of surroundings, people and all occurrences. There is an attitudinal change that occurs and that give such warm comfort to one.

The growing forgiveness of all things is a freedom in itself and acts like a balm for the tired soul that has battled with wills and opinions for so long. Growing forgiveness comes from knowing they truly know no better and accepting people for what and as they truly are. Gratitude is the attitude that develops as one begins to see things differently. As acceptance develops as one lets go of patterns and beliefs, one finds a great peace. Kindness, helpfulness, service, selflessness, faith, humility and love are birthed out of the experience of all this change and it is all easy when you feel good. When all emotional baggage is dissolved, one can take any life experience and any circumstance with a smile and with peace. And it all comes from acceptance, pure and simple.