Thursday, April 5, 2007


Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means “coiled up like a snake”. It is a name used for the vital power, the additional life force energy that is, when dormant, located in the body at the base of the spine. The kundalini energy can be made to rise and move upwards through specific channels inside the spine. When it does it passes through, cleanses, fills, activates and connects all the chakras and eventually reaches the crown chakra at the top of the scull, then begins to flow outward powerfully in every direction. A powerful addition of life force / light / energy has now flooded and saturated the body and all its systems.

What exactly it is that makes this happen is unknown (to me at this time). For myself it was the immense light from my guru, being in it and being touched and saturated by it on the deepest levels. Yoga has been tremendously helpful. One can focus on this process and assist in its occurrence by the practice of yoga. Yoga postures assist in the opening of energy channels both in the body and in the energy field. The flow of energy that takes place during yoga aligns ones energy fields and brings about a new wholeness by restoring profound physical and energetic balance.

The flowing of the kundalini energy upward through the spine and chakras initiates a process of vibrational change that brings both personal and spiritual development. During this period energy moves through all systems and changes them into containers for a higher frequency which adds to the transformation of ones whole being. As all systems receive light in this way they open up and allow for even stronger streaming of light through them; there is a transformational process that takes place in the whole being, on every level, including life. One will observe growing and gradual changes in consciousness, awareness, behavior, attitude, needs, relationships and life style. One becomes strongly light filled, enlightened, and this can be noticed in those who have gone through the process and can be clearly observed as an unusual and powerful light or glow that now seems to fill them and shine out from them in every direction.

I have observed that my life moved me through certain passages that dealt with what each chakra represents. Each chakra represented a certain life experience. As kundalini stirred and began to move I spent some time figuring out what to do with my life, finding my work and function in life (root chakra) and then came three years where I went through powerful sexual healing (second chakra). After that came a three year period where I learned who I was and what I liked and didn’t like and sorted out my place in the world, where I fit in socially (solar plexus chakra). Then followed a profoundly light filled time, also three years, where I experienced overwhelmingly the Divine Mother consciousness and explosive, rapturous love and bliss (heart chakra). This was followed by a period where I began to work on all cylinders to create a new life for myself (throat chakra) followed by a period where my writing seemed to just happen by itself as if channeled (third eye chakra). Even thought these times were compartmentalized in time in three year intervals, they also flowed into one another as the light kept moving up through the whole system.

Some of my experiences stand out in my memory as quite out of the ordinary, energetic experiences that took place very suddenly with seemingly nothing leading up to them. These experiences were all a part of the extraordinary and powerful openings of my energy systems.

In the fall of '02, sitting quietly one night in a comfortable chair by an old woman's sick bed, all of a sudden I felt my heart activate overwhelmingly and powerfully and fill with an immense golden energy, golden light. This golden ball of energy and light slowly grew and expanded to encompass my entire body and surrounded my whole body in a field of a massive golden glow. I sat silently in this energy for as long as it was present, several hours.

In the summer of '05, I had two experiences with the spine. First I could feel strong activity in the base of my spine and light shooting out the top of my head like a volcanic eruption. Connecting between the two was a straight column or cylinder about 4 - 5 inches in diameter through which this energy or light passed. A few days later I saw an emerald green snake / serpent about 3/4 inch wide, with the very end of its tail in my root chakra, raising up straight through my chakras and exiting its head through my forehead at the third eye, coming out about 2 - 3 inches in front of my forehead. It was as if it was swaying slightly but at the same time it was still. My body jerked a couple of times and then it was adjusted. It was a very strong sensation and I also felt something in my eyes, a buzz, a shift, a strengthening. Whenever I thought about it in the following few days, I could still feel and see the snake coming out of my forehead.

In the beginning of 2007 I woke up one morning with nausea and dizziness that lasted about three days. Then I became aware of a tremendous Light that I felt was descending upon me and around me. For days I couldn't figure out what it was and why it was happening. My body spontaneously twisted and moved in unusual ways at times that I felt was making it easier for the Light to move downward and deeper into my being. After about a week of this I realized that my kundalini had entered my crown chakra and had activated the inherent divine Light stored there which had now begun to expand and saturate my whole being. I experienced a total coming together of all previous experiences into a whole new level of mental freedom. I felt very glowy and high even. It totally changed my perspective into an even more full Oneness.

The process of the rising of the kundalini manifests an unusual and complete change of everything, ones person and ones life. It is a gradual experience that takes place over the period of several years; for some it takes months or weeks and for some it takes decades or life times. The result of the kundalini rising is healing, change, illumination, activation and enlightenment. After the rising is complete this energy begins to expand outwardly from the whole body and begin to affect others.