Thursday, April 5, 2007


One day, I was at a friend's house in Los Angeles sitting on his red couch looking at an oil painting of a sunset over mountains, just sitting there silently by myself, simply relaxing and thinking of nothing at all. Suddenly it was as if I was drawn into the painting, drawn deeply into the light of the sunset in the painting, then into the real light and far beyond it. Then I was coming out on the other side of it and here it was more than profoundly sweet. I knew I had been drawn into the realm of the Divine Mother.

Immediately I could see that the images and concepts I had had of God, consciousness and the divine now appeared totally flat, dull, tiny, limited and boring to me, compared to this new realm of incredibly intense light and color and the most sublime sweetness ever imaginable, not even imaginable, but possible to experience. As they say in India; God is the tip of one eye lash of the Divine Mother, the rim of the nail on her little toe. The world is her love, her loving, her loving thought, her breath, her heartbeat. In the emptiness of the vessel, all that expresses itself is the Mother. Mother is love and Mother does love.

Even though many refer to an enlightened one as Divine Mother, Divine Mother is not an entity or being or God. Divine Mother is a frequency, an energy vibration, the highest and most expansive state of awakeness within creation. It is the ultimate vibrational reality before the void, in the void. Divine Mother is everything that is manifest, on every dimension and on every level and beyond. It is a state of mind and heart of complete openness. Divine Mother is supreme awakened consciousness and heart. The vibration of Divine Mother reality is sensed by the human heart as Godly; pure supreme Goddess, same today as in ancient times.

From all my experiences, I have begun to see everything very differently. My mind has opened to seeing the physical reality as a vibration of extreme beauty and only extreme beauty. Waves of bliss have flooded my systems and I have swooned in ecstasy. A deep sense of peace and surrender has come over me and my mind and my heart has opened further to grace. I have come to see the world of matter entirely as an expression of the Divine. Absolute Reality being the container, feeder and creator of the world of matter that we know as reality. Entirely at peace, I see all things that happen as a reflection of the will, thought and idea of the Divine. The Divine being all, not only the void but also its own expression, creation, our physical reality.

The divine moves as us; our thoughts, our actions, our will and resistances, our deaths, our rebirths, our art, our children and our failures, as nature, as creation. Everything is pure expression of the Ultimate Reality and is in itself ultimate perfection, absolute order and perfection.

I think God is the Mother. I think God is really Goddess, the Great Mother of all things. I think God is beyond "me" or "I". Even the fully Realized and Enlightened is only a part of God - the Mother. Fully and totally absorbed by Her and fully and totally embodied by Her, ones mind or ones will, ones creative power or ones vision is not Her Total Power. I think Mother is greater than all of us. I think Mother watches over us / me. I think Mother is infinitely loving and She knows my wishes, my heart, my inner deeper more secret desires, my purpose and my destiny. I think She arranges what is best for it all to unfold - my wishes and my destiny. All I have to do is let go and let God, watch what rolls around, what comes, what appears. Mother's Power is Supreme and Great and many million times Greater and more Powerful than I or the One present in me.