Thursday, April 5, 2007


After Self - Realization, I felt unchanged entirely, as if nothing had taken place. For a long time I thought about the question "What is enlightenment really and exactly?". I wondered much ...

Years of experiencing light, love, shakti, total purification and deep transformation led me through a journey where I met with the spiritual experiences talked about in lieu of moving towards full enlightenment. Something compelled me to take notes and write everything down through these many years of much chaos. As I went along through this unfolding journey I began to see a pattern and what of my experiences were connected to the unfolding. I wish to share with you here in this brief summary my experiences, thinking that maybe you may gain some further insight into your own unfolding journey into the Great One.

My kundalini was activated in January of '93. The moment of Self - Realization took place in January of '95. Full merger, God - union, took place spontaneously in June of '01 followed by a series of samadhi experiences. Golden heart centre activation happened in 'the fall of '03 and the emerald green snake exited the third eye in the summer of '05. The kundalini reached the crown chakra and activated there the divine light in March of '07. Absorbtion into the Great Light took place in the spring of '08. And physical and energetic changes continue to occur.

During years of growth and change I moved through deep purification and transformation of mind, body and emotions and the kundalini awakening has led to and through deep personal healing, Illumination, Rapture, Ecstasy, No Mind and Divine Mother Consciousness to a state of Freedom, Love and Sublime Grace. I consider the kundalini's culmination into the crown chakra; the activation of the Divine Light in the crown, as the time of full en-light-enment.

I have posted here 20 articles about my experiences, to share with you what experiences one may move through on the road towards full enlightenment, knowing perfectly we all have our own unique way of moving through all things in life; through experiencing, learning and growing towards ultimate freedom. This is not how one will move through things or what one will experience, it's only my personal experience of my journey so far and maybe passages here and there can offer some feedback on your own journey.

By the grace and light of the ones who have gone before me,
I wish only to pay it forward . . .
that which has so generously been given to me.

In Light and Love,

Harmony Grace Elohim