Thursday, April 5, 2007


Grace. What is grace? Grace is the highest frequency of the finest vibration of positive energy. Grace is the finest vibration of Truth in essence and in matter. Grace is the finest and purest vibration in matter. Grace is the very first vibration of manifest reality.

Grace is the cleanest and purest our consciousness becomes before it dissolves into nothingness. Grace is the everlasting eternal blessing from the supreme divine consciousness; it's the Divine Mother's essence. Grace is a permanent state of good blessings, good fortune, God in disguise. Grace is always present, as a pure, divine blessing force that when called upon consciously can bring salvation from pain and suffering, from whatever problem.

Grace is the everlasting and pure form of divine consciousness that lands oneself into the mystery of transformation. The pure effect of this consciousness is in effect the true Self. When a person has gone through the totality of cleansing and purification from all stored notions, illusions, concepts, stored emotion and all patterns registered in the human energy / electromagnetic field, the only thing that remains then within the form and field of energy is the energy of pure grace.

The state of grace is a blessing force that then radiates outwards into creation freely and effortlessly. As the transformation of illusory awareness towards awakened awareness continues, the energy of grace is a living part of this transformation. From the very first moment of catching a glimpse of True Reality, a great blessing is taking place as the movement of infinite grace continues through all of one's life, Known or unknown, visibly or invisibly.

The essence of Truth makes itself known through vibrations such as shakti and then later, as one has become more pure, as grace. When one is totally empty only light passes through the being and radiates through the form in all directions even back in on itself. When this occurs one is totally free and in the purely enlightened state. This state of purity is the last state, last vestige of the transformational journey. All has been taken care of and all is well, in order and in perfection. When all vibration has died down one is free and purely an instrument of light and light only. Such a state of freedom and good feelings too!! When one is in this state only love can be felt. Bliss is still an experience of subtler realities of higher consciousness. Love is the action of divinity and is felt throughout the pure state of nothingness, emptiness, the vehicle that your awakened consciousness / awareness have become. Freedom from all attachments and sufferings is the sublime result.