Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The meditation I have chosen for myself is the simplest possible. I have little to no experience with the techniques for meditation and I have chosen my meditation to be without the tools of mantras, chanting, posture, specific breathing, etc. I prefer to simply remain silent and still in whatever surrounding I am in, noisy or calm.

I simply sit, comfortably, with my eyes closed and allow whatever experience to occur. I don't try to control my meditation but rather allow for meditation to take place. I calmly observe all that which arise within my being. I allow all thoughts and feelings to simply pass by, to pass through me. Soon enough a deeper calm becomes present. Within this calm a deeper energetic change may take place or just an easy lingering in the calm of nothingness.

In the beginning of my explorations years ago, when I first tried to sit in meditation everything hurt in my body. Breathing hurt, my gut hurt, my solar plexus was pure agony, by back, my legs, my ankles, my shoulders hurt and my mind ran 100 miles a minute. Oh, how I hated it and I decided never to get into it. Couldn't possibly see any use for it.

As I have, over the years, moved through so much resistance and loads and mountains of stored pain, suffering, beliefs and patterns, sitting still and observing silence has become more and more pleasurable. There has been a deepening of the inner world and a connection to my core and eventually the abidance in the eternal nothingness of Truth, Absolute Reality. It has taken me through many experiences of divine nectar and bliss, the power of shakti, waves of love and ecstasy, grace, the creative power and so on. I have moved from deeply painful experiences to deeply pleasurable experiences and I know they are all just experiences as my mind now rests in Nothing, whether I meditate or not. Meditation has become effortless.

To assist the journey through the period of transformation and purification and towards full enlightenment, I suggest for meditation the simple kind; stillness, silence and observation, After enlightenment meditation continues to be very helpful in order to remain energetically and mentally clear and to keep ones awareness rest in the freedom and well - being of Oneness consciousness.

Meditation, which is a deep stillness of mind by the total letting go and surrender, allows for ones energetic systems to naturally fall back into perfect order. This energetic restoration of perfect order assists all false energy patterns to be released and removed and thus reveals pure essence and natural balance. Meditation helps dissolve resistance to what is, which is what causes emotional and psychological suffering. It helps to maintain inner peace and also supports the external flow of natural abundance. Meditation brings ones awareness back into the moment and one begins to live more effortlessly in the present moment again as thoughts and emotions become less apparent and are less of a distraction.

Eventually meditation and the time spent doing other things melt together with one another and become one field, one experience. The mind rests in the Absolute at all times, is in fact dissolved into the One and is one with the One. Every day is a meditation and everything is meditation and all observances appear as they are - unreal, like a dream.

So my meditations are not very complicated, I don’t use any tools or techniques. I just quietly sit still, easily observing everything. Simple meditation seems to me to be the best and have made all my meditation effortless.