Tuesday, April 3, 2007


When the emptiness becomes complete there is a force, a very powerful force that saturates this emptiness. This force is absolutely and immediately a powerful transformative force that allows instantaneous change to occur, to begin to manifest.

Emptiness can be described as the Absolute in its most perfect nakedness. The blessing force is the power of emptiness, the power in emptiness and it's not the same as the transformational vibration of grace or shakti.

When there is nothing more to let go of, no more patterns to release, nothing left to transmute, one is left with this immense emptiness. At first the force of emptiness will shine through with its power off and on, as illusory patterns continue to dissolve and when it is all over, the power of the divine will be a permanently present force. The blessing force comes from the still presence of Open Mind, which occurs when mind has been broken down and dissolved into the One Mind.

This force is like an immediate blessing upon all things. It restores love, health and abundance to all things it touches and the effects are as immediate as they can possibly be. It is the most immediate of all the ways the divine can touch upon matter, its own creation. It is like light illuminating space and instantly shadow, darkness and grey vanish; illusion, discomfort, blocked energy, lack, deprivation, illness and so on. It creates love, health and abundance as it restores that which is true and natural for each individual and all space. It does not bring anything and everything one thinks of just because one thinks of it, but manifests that which vibrates in Oneness with our being, that which belongs to us, that which is rightfully ours, the true nature of our lives.

People access this force often through their own meditation and it acts as a blessing upon their lives. The blessing force from an enlightened one is strong and fulfills love, health and abundance for all the people it touches upon faster than anything else. As the blessing force from ones own meditation does the same thing, meditating together in a group with an enlightened one is quite a powerful experience. It is not necessary to meditate or do anything when in the presence of an enlightened one as the force is always there. When one has made contact with a teacher of such measure the blessing force reaches out through the ethers at all times whether one is in the physical presence of the enlightened teacher or not. There has been established an energetic field of contact, a field of Oneness, between the teacher and the aspirant. This way one is always in the guru's grace.

This blessing force is a forceful permanent giving that calls forth community. It calls for love in the world, it calls for love all around.